Security Guards and Supervisors


The company provides male and female security guards homes, apartments, offices, banks, NGOs, construction sites, factories, events etc. Guards can be provided for any time of the day in 8 hour shifts as per requirement of the client.


Body Guards & Escorts


The company provides bodyguards and escorts to protect VIPs, top executive of multinational companies and even to distressed women threatened by miscreants. They also provide friendly escorts for families and escorts for school going children.

Armed Guards


Our fully trained armed escorts unit constitutes of 400 gunmen. This unit also assists Cash Carrying Operations throughout the city and the suburb. These armed gunmen use licensed weapons that have been permitted by the Government for use only in Security Companies.

Female Security Personnel


Female security is a new avenue in the security service industry. Many clients want sophisticated female security personnel who will cater to female clients of any business institution. Many garments, NGO’s, Embassies and even beauty parlors demand female security personnel.

Auxiliary Services


The company also provides peons, tea boys, maintenance staff, messengers and drivers who are well trained to cater to the needs of the clients. SRM Force has provided a full package of auxiliary services to Banks and Multinational organizations. SRM Logistics, a sister concern of SRM GROUP handles this service separately.

Crisis Management


SRM Force takes pride in its ability to handle unorthodox situations with ease and professionalism. On numerous occasions we have been sought after to take care of situations that were beyond the clients’s capabilities